Akasa Air Flights starting 7th Aug

The forthcoming contender of the Indian aviation, Akasa Airlines, launched by business tycoon Rakesh Jhunjhunwala will be making its first leap into the sky on the 7th of August, 2022. The LCC (low-cost carrier) is predicted to commence its operations with 28 flights weekly operating between the cities of Mumbai and Ahmedabad with its fares ranging from Rs.3948 for ‘saver’ and Rs.4341 for ‘Flexi’ and thereby gradually multiplying its operations from the 13th of August with an additional 28 flights operating between the sectors of Bengaluru and Kochi.

The airline is looking forward to gearing up its operations by the end of June with an expectation of getting the delivery of two Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. However, a delay in the delivery of the aircraft resulted in an overall delay in its operations by a week. As per reports, Akasa has ordered 72 long-range aircraft including the B737MAX. Airline will start domestic operations with fleet of 20 aircrafts and start international flight operations soon if they get all aircrafts delivered in time.

Vinay Dube, the CEO of Akasa Airlines is elated to announce the availability of their flights for sale at reasonable prices. Despite being an LCC carrier Akasa’s on-the-sky cafe will have mouth-watering menu on offer. Furthermore, the airline has plans to create a Pan India presence through the implementation of its network strategy as the co-founder of the airline has pointed out that the network strategy is meant for providing a strong linkage between the 2-tier and the 3-tier cities. Additionally, it has also been mentioned that the airline would apply a phased approach to support its plans for network expansion. The co-founder of Akasa Airlines also revealed that B737 Max would come with window reveals as well as mood lighting along with modern sculpted sidewalls, and USB ports.

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  1. The inform provided here really helped me to understand the current aviation market scenerio

  2. Highly enriching details about the up-and-coming airline, Akasa. Very well researched, indeed!

  3. Highly enriching details about the up-and-coming airline, Akasa. Very well-researched, indeed!

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