India has 3 times more Women Pilots than Global Average

With 15% women pilots in India and just 5% across the globe India certainly marks a record for the highest number of women pilots in the world as pointed out by Jyotiraditya Scindia, Union Minister of Civil Aviation. We are sure this is a matter of pride for the Indian aviation industry. As per reports, out of 17,700 registered pilots, 2500 are women.

Ministry mentioned multiple initiatives taken to increase commercial pilot license holders in the country. The award letters have been issued for nine new Flying Training Organisation (FTO) slots at five airports in the first phase and six more airport slots in the second phase. These initiatives can result in a higher number of flying hours at the FTOs resulting in the release of a higher number of Commercial Pilot License holders. The Ministry also remarked that Women in Aviation International (WAI) takes an initiative to create awareness programs across the nation to initiate more women to enroll themselves as aviation professionals with a special focus on young schoolgirls from families with low income. 

The matter of concern for Indian aviation lies in the fact that it is going to face an acute shortfall of employees despite the practice of good gender diversity. As per reports, India may require 10000 flight attendants accompanied by 6000 more qualified pilots. As pointed out by Mark Twain, the CEO of Martin Consulting that for sustaining growth, the Indian aviation industry must consider increasing fleets, aircraft, pilots, flight attendants, and engineers. As per the view of the experts, the growing demand for pilots may lead to hiring ex-pats since the Indian flying schools were tardy in approving the pilot licenses during the time of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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