Retirement Age for Air India Pilots increased to 65

Air India plans a major fleet expansion and reconsidering pilot retirement age to 65 instead of 58 years. This increase in the retirement age of pilots may be limited to a few selected pilots.

DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) and several global airlines consider 65 years as the usual pilot retirement age. Air India is also planning on following this regulation for pilots with impeccable disciplinary and safety records.

Campbell Wilson, who recently got security clearance as MD-CEO of the Tata group is predicted to place a big order for the wide-body Airbus A350 with a choice of single-aisle that is to be made shortly. In regard to the policy on Post-Retirement Engagement – Pilots (Policy No: HP DO2/1501/936), it was remarked by the chief human resource officer of AI, SD Tripathi that to retain the currently trained pilots to the company a post-retirement policy has been introduced where the pilot’s retirement age would be extendable to 65 years on a contractual basis. This initiative has been taken by the airline to engage the pilots post-retirement.

A screening process will be carried out by a committee for selecting the pilots who would be shortlisted for getting an extension post 58 years. The committee would constitute of functional HR representatives, operations and flight safety who will be examining the eligibility criteria of the pilots who are to be retired within the next two years or so. The committee will undertake the responsibility of investigating the past records in regard to flight safety, vigilance and discipline. A comprehensive examination will be conducted for assessing the pilot’s performance based on which the extension till 65years will be made.

A letter of intent on post-retirement engagement will be issued to the pilots one year before their retirement. The contract will also include a clause for an annual review of the contract basis conduct, performance, and flight safety record.

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