Second Flight Deck Barrier!

Safety has always been the prime concern of the aviation industry, especially after some dreadful incidents like the 9/11 terrorist attack. After this incident, it was learned that allowing hijackers to the cockpit in order to calm the situation is no good solution. The 9/11 attack has shown the reinforcement of the cockpit doors which no one can break into. 

During the transit time of door access, one of the flight attendants herself acts as the barrier to the cockpit door by standing in the aisle and blocking the cockpit door with a cart. Billy Nolen, FAA Acting Administrator, remarked that every layer of safety was crucial and providing protection to the flight crews ensures the safety of the entire aircraft. Meanwhile, Peter DeFazio House Transportation Committee Chair also said in FAA’s delay to the act that flight attendants blocking the way with the cart at the Pilot’s exit from the cockpit cannot be termed as a permanent solution.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has recommended a proposal which was to install a second barrier for getting into the flight deck in commercial planes. This would mainly apply to the planes that were newly produced which would start two years after the rules go into effect. The idea of the installation of a second barrier was proposed years back where FAA was supposed to implement this plan by the year 2019 under a federal law passed in 2018.

Modern issues need modern solutions. We would love to know the opinion of our readers on this matter. Please feel free to post your comments on this proposal.

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