Suspension of Premier 1A and SpiceJet Captains

Air delay due to air traffic congestion is not uncommon. attending such delays with peace of mind and proper fuel planning is one of the major responsibilities of any pilot. it is sad if the pilot himself/herself loose the cool in such situations. A false alarm on fuel shortage to avoid floating in the sky for a longer period and getting preference for priority landing for a charter company business jet had an outrageous impact on the pilot’s license. As per the sources, the pilot was travelling in a Premier 1A aircraft for a Mumbai-based charter company that was flying from Bokaro to Ranchi on the 19th of October with just 4 passengers onboard. The flight took off from Bokaro with the required level of fuel, But, the holding time of the aircraft in Ranchi was high. The pilot raised the false alarm of fuel shortage to save on few minutes. The DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) had to put the pilot’s license under suspension for a month after the probe that the Jet Aircraft had enough fuel in it.

Another suspension report is of PIC of SpiceJet flight which entered serve turbulence while approaching its destination Durgapur on the 1st of May, 2022. As per reports, the turbulence caused major injury to 14 passengers and three cabin crew. The co-pilot of this flight already suggested the pilot not make their way through the clouds and take the safer route. However, the PIC disregarded that suggestion and flew through the clouds which caused severe aircraft turbulence.

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