UAE pilots are among the highest salaried ones!

Pilots’ salaries have always been a matter of interest for many. At Aviation Thrust we get regular queries regarding the same by aspirants and sometimes the general public too. We are sure you will find this article interesting. 

If not initial pilot training, recency requirements for pilots is not an easy task as it includes multiple variables and huge planning. It is not always possible to predict the industry growth rate and to date demand and supply of pilots have never been in synch for more than 2-3 years.

The sudden dearth of pilots post-pandemic on a global basis across all airlines has made Dubai airlines offer the highest salary and the best cost of living to the pilots making it impossible for the international and domestic airlines to poach them. This is why the local carriers are not opting for salary hikes as the industry is having to cope with salary hikes. According to Maximilian Buerger, MD of and, airlines are offering a good compensation and living package to the ones with a wide-body experience of the aircraft with a network of international routes. Furthermore, he also added that he observed that the airlines are focusing on re-developing their training programs for creating a supply pipeline of pilots for the next generation. IndiGo, India’s biggest airline too is known for creating a good supply pipeline of pilots but the success of such efforts is always questionable.

The huge number of layoffs in the past combined with the retirement of pilots has created a massive dearth of pilots which is why the Middle East is expected to face a huge shortage of pilots by the end of 2022. As per the consultation, Oliver Wyman if immediate pilot shortage mitigation actions are not taken then the estimated shortage may touch 3000 pilots by 2023 and 18,000 pilots by 2032. However, as a precautionary measure, the Middle East has taken the first step to rehire/hire the pilots which means the unemployed pilots may be offered a job.

As per reports, an Emirates airline captain who flies Airbus A380 and Boeing B777 get a salary of Dh42,695 along with a housing allowance of Dh16, 075. Therefore, in the Middle East, a pilot can make a total of Dh58,000 each month. A First Officer at a Dubai airline earns Dh44,000 a month, whereas, pilots based in Saudi earn Dh27,000 per month. Comparatively, Indian pilots earn much lesser than pilots in Middle Eastern countries such as Dh18,000 per month, but experienced pilots have a scope to earn Dh38,000 per month.

The largest aviation market in the world, the US is undergoing the worst staff shortage in history which is why they are offering the highest pay to financial backup to the pilots. America was ready to make a triple pay for avoiding flight disruptions and for picking up trips.

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