Walt Disney’s gulfstream will go to a California Museum

Gulfstream I, the iconic airplane of Walt Disney, registered N234MM under the nickname “The mouse” is about to immortalize in the Palm Springs Air Museum and be available for eternal display.

The airplane spend the weekend at Anaheim, California in the west coast for the first time since October 1982 on display at the D23 Expo 2022. The airplane will on display in the museum from 15th October. Following the display of a Walt Disney exhibit will be built within the museum to house the aircraft. The interior and the exterior of the aircraft will be showcased in the display where the history of the aircraft will be recounted and the impact which Walt Disney has on the local area. The Mouse was designed in a creative and unique manner since its conception. Walt Disney and his wife Lilian contributed several ideas for the design of the aircraft. The creative interior design includes private television for connecting directly with the Pilot, a flight bag projecting an image of a Mickey Mouse sitting on the tail of the aircraft with a customized instrument panel that would be located near the favorite seat of Disney where the details on the flight status will be displayed. Cline stated that the Archives Director of Walt Disney shared the excitement for airplane’s acceptance into the museum.

More about N234MM Walt Disney “The Mouse”

The Mouse has served Disney for 28 years where 83000 passengers were carried and 23000 flight hours were accumulated. The aircraft played an essential role in helping Disney to build the Disney land and Disney World.

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