Cathay Pacific Cadet Pilot Program

When you were a child, were you fascinated by seeing airplanes flying in the sky? Did you ever dream of becoming a pilot and talking to the sky? If yes then Cathay Pacific Cadet Program is the perfect platform for you right now. Before moving forward, let me tell you more about Cathay Pacific and then later we will talk about Cathay Pacific Cadet Program in detail.

Cathay Pacific airline

Cathay Pacific is the flag carrier of Hong Kong which was founded on 24th September 1946 and whose main hub is located at Hong Kong International Airport. Their vision is to be the world’s best airline by striving excels in everything they do. Their team promises to provide high-quality services so that their customers are happy and always choose Cathay Pacific. In 2016 only they have got more than 9 international awards which are highest by any airline in the year of 2016. Currently, they employ over 33,600 people worldwide. Cathay Pacific and its subsidiaries employ 25,800 staff in Hong Kong where 16,500 are Cathay Pacific staff while a further 9,200 work for local subsidiaries, making the Cathay Pacific Group one of Hong Kong’s biggest employers. Reading so much about Cathay Pacific, one can say that Cathay Pacific has truly reached the global level in airline. They are now located in major cities of over 30 countries in the world and they fly to over 130 other cities every day.

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    1. aviation_admin

      Course Fee is approx 40lac+ service tax for CPL and approx. 27 lac for type rating.

  1. Dear Aviation Thrust Team,
    1. Are International students(not having hong kong citizenship) eligible to apply for Cathay pacific cadet pilot programme.
    2. Can you tell me the total cost of cathay pacific cadet pilot programme.

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