Cathay Pacific Cadet Pilot Program

Now that we have read a lot about Cathay Pacific, let’s read about the Cathay Pacific Cadet Program.

A General Outline Of The Cadet Program-

Cathay Pacific Cadet Program is a training program which is stretched for a period of 55 long weeks. This 55 weeks cadet program is conducted at Flight Training Adelaide in Australia. Flight Training Adelaide has been training cadets since 1982 and they are known to have the latest technology, simulators and rich resources which make them one of the best training grounds in the world.

Don’t worry if you are new in this world of Aviation, this program is both for aspirants who have little or no knowledge of flying. Their aim will be to make you into a well-qualified cadet by the end of their program.

The candidate will be required to undergo one full year of flying training at Australia’s Flight Training Adelaide. This one-year training includes 160 long hours of flying by day and night. These flying hours will be done in both single and twin engine light aircraft and also 40 hours in simulators. They will even provide you with high-quality classroom lectures which will prepare you for many examinations which a candidate has to pass before getting his/her commercial pilot license.

CAthay Pacific program

Now after completion of the course, you will have to return to Hong Kong as a second officer and kick off with your new career.

The first three-five months in Hong Kong will include the focus on induction and ground school training. You will also be given full flight simulator sessions and line flying sessions. You will also learn some more technical aspects which are very much specific to the aircraft which you will fly in some time.

Well, this was the cadet pilot program which is of 55 weeks for Hong Kong permanent identity card holders with no or some flying experience.

There are two more programs-

  1. The Advanced Entry Program

This will be a 32-week program for applicants who possess an ICAO commercial pilot license and have more than 250 hours of flight experience.

  1. The Transition Training Program

This will be a 5-week program which is meant for applicants with an ICAO ATPL having a minimum of 1500 hours total time which includes 500 hours of multi-engine time on aircraft with an MTOW greater than 2k kg.

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      Course Fee is approx 40lac+ service tax for CPL and approx. 27 lac for type rating.

  1. Dear Aviation Thrust Team,
    1. Are International students(not having hong kong citizenship) eligible to apply for Cathay pacific cadet pilot programme.
    2. Can you tell me the total cost of cathay pacific cadet pilot programme.

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