Cathay Pacific Cadet Pilot Program


To enhance a better learning experience for both the candidate and for Cathay Pacific, there are some requirements which a candidate has to fulfill in order to get select for Cathay Pacific Cadet Program.

Selection procedure of Cathay Pacific Cadet Program consists of many stages of selection. There will be two stages of the interview where they will assess your skills on different levels.

Tip:  Cathay Pacific Cadet Program interviewer will check your discipline, your determination to become a pilot and your enthusiasm for aviation, problem-solving skills and your Maths and English will be tested. Also, you will be tested on your technical aptitude and also compatibility with their corporate standard which every candidate has to match in order to pass and become a pilot.

HKG0 20120314 HONG KONG, HONG KONG : Madison Heaney, of of Cathay Pacific Airways, shown in Hong Kong on Wednesday, 14 March, 2012.

Other Requirements:

Thier are of course few other requirements which I am sure you will be well familiar.

  1. The candidate should be physically fit and qualify for the class 1 medical test.
  2. The candidate age should be 18 years or more.
  3. Meet their flight deck reach requirements.
  4. Have the right of abode in Hong Kong
  5. The candidate needs to possess a secondary school education degree with good marks in Mathematics and science or a degree or a diploma.

After the successful completion of the interview process, the candidate will be sent to Australia for flight grading assessment. If the candidate successfully passes the grading test, he/she will then begin the training.


As we mentioned above, your whole 55 weeks long training will take place at Flight Training Adelaide, Australia. Your training will contain the technical ground school, Hong Kong ATPL subjects and hours of flight training.

All the programs during your training in Australia will introduce consolidate jet aircraft operation, various safety standards, multi-crew operations, efficient operation, passenger considerations and flight operation disciplines while introducing Cathay Pacific’s standard operating procedures.

After completion of your year long training and on the passing of all the exams you will be issued with a Hong Kong Commercial Pilot License.

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    1. aviation_admin

      Course Fee is approx 40lac+ service tax for CPL and approx. 27 lac for type rating.

  1. Dear Aviation Thrust Team,
    1. Are International students(not having hong kong citizenship) eligible to apply for Cathay pacific cadet pilot programme.
    2. Can you tell me the total cost of cathay pacific cadet pilot programme.

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