How to get DGCA Class 2 and Class 1 Medical done? – Complete Guide

We bring to you a step by step guide of all the procedures that you have to follow for getting your DGCA Class 2 and Class 1 medical done. Class 2 medical is done before Class 1.

Class 2 Medical Procedure:

Step 1: Click on this link DGCA Class 2 Medical PDF in order to find the details for booking the medical appointment as per your location. After clicking on the link a PDF will open where you can find the centre closest to your residence. Call on the given contact number and fix an appointment with the doctor at the earliest. You will be given instructions regarding the medical appointment and you will be asked to bring certain documents like your passport photographs with white background.

Step 2: You must report to the centre on an empty stomach on the prescribed date and time of the medical appointment. Make sure that you follow all the instructions and get all the necessary documents you were asked to bring while reporting for the appointment.

Step 3: You have to pay the prescribed fee (and obtain receipts) for the medical examination at the centre.

Doctor may ask you to submit the papers to DGCA office or himself/herself can do on your behalf. After approx. one month of submission you are allotted medical file number.

After finishing off the Class 2 Medical procedure and obtaining file number, you can proceed to get the Class 1 Medical done. Below are the instructions to be followed for Class 1 Medical.

Class 1 Medical Procedure:

Step 1: The centralized appointment-cum-PMR forwarding system provides a centralised system of appointments for Class 1 medical examinations and PMR forwarding facility for all IAF centres, for scheduling the medical examination appointments.

Step 2: You can click on this link DGCA Class 1 Medical PDF in order to check the availability of slots on various days of the week at the IAF centres.

Step 3: You can make a request for the appointment by any of the following methods: Facsimile/Fax, Email or a Written request. You can find the format of the request for appointment in the Annexure present in the PDF (DGCA Class 1 Medical PDF). In the same PDF you have instructions regarding the details on which you need to forward the request for appointment. Please adhere to the instructions given in the PDF and place your request for appointment.

Step 4: Candidates applying for an appointment are required to give minimum two and max five choices of centres from among the list of centres. The appointment is granted based on the availability of a slot at the centre on the date requested for. In case a slot is not available in the first choice then the other choices are considered in a serial fashion. Refer the PDF for further instructions regarding how to fill the choice of centres and also the choice of date.

Step 5: The requests for appointment are handled on a ‘First come first served’ basis. After the appointment is granted an email shall be sent to the aircrew within 7 working days, mentioning the Date and Centre for medical examination. General instructions about the medical shall also be forwarded. In case of doubt, the aircrew may contact Medical Cell at [email protected] for clarifications.

Step 6: For instructions related to cancelling & rescheduling of appointment, please refer the PDF mentioned above.

Step 7: Medical at AFCME, New Delhi/ IAM IAF Bangalore / MEC(E), Jorhat. The medical examinations for the following cases shall be only at the above centres:-

(a) Cases of special medical (after disease/ physical condition)
(b) Cases of review after a period of Temporary Unfitness for assessment of fitness are conducted at IAM/ AFCME/ MEC(E).
(c) Appeal cases of Class I/ II Medical examinations at IAM/ AFCME.
(d) Medicals at age 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60 and all medicals between 60-65 at IAM/ AFCME.
(e) Every fourth medical in aircrew less than 40 yrs of age and every seventh medical after age of 40 yrs of age.
(f) Re-initial Medical. Class I medical where a renewal has not been done for more than 2 years.
(g) Any medical which is specifically advised to be done at these centres as per AIC/ Medical Assessment.

Step 8: The candidates have to pay the prescribed fee (and obtain receipts) for the Initial/ Renewal medical examination at the centre.

Step 9: Download the forms by clicking on the links given below:



We hope that this post helped you in obtaining all the necessary information regarding Class 2 and Class 1 Medicals. Adhere to the instructions and procedures given above. You can refer the DGCA Class 2 Medical PDF and DGCA Class 1 Medical PDF in case of any queries.  We promise to share more aviation related information for giving a boost to your career. We wish you all the best for your future endeavors!

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