Jet Airways Cadet Pilot Programme Overview

After huge success of Indigo Cadet Pilot Program, Jet Airways too has announced their cadet pilot program to meet the increasing demand of pilots in India. As observed over time, cadet pilot program pathway has proved to be most organized way of starting flying career. Many of the uncertainties are mitigated when everything is planned in advance and trainee is better aware of his journey to bigger sky.

Jet Airways Cadet Pilot Programme is ab-initio program broadly distributed in two phases.

PHASE 1 – CPL Phase

On selection a trainee is sent to CAE Academy in Phoenix for ab-initio flight training for Commercial Pilot Licence, Multi-Engine Instrument Rating and Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT). After completing CPL training in US cadets are called back in India to cover training differences and obtain Indian license (issued by DGCA). Training in India includes DGCA theoretical knowledge ground school, ground exams and conversion flights for DGCA licenses.

Phase 1 provides opportunity to cadets to get FAA as well as DGCA CPL although no official information on same is available till date.


After completion of phase one cadet is sent for Type Rating of Boeing 737 aircraft. As per the current program this type training is expected to be conducted in CAE’s training centers in India.

Expected duration as per CAE website is 18 months for CPL and 2.5 months for TR. With our experience and user reviews on other cadet pilot program it should take no less than 30 months total including paper processing with different authorities and uncertainties like weather.

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