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About CAE Oxford Aviation Academy Gondia (NFTI)

CAE-OAA Gondia / National Flying Training Institute Pvt. Ltd. (NFTI) is one of the best pilot training institute of India which helps you fulfill your dream of becoming a pilot. CAE-OAA Gondia is a joint venture between Airports Authorities of India (AAI) and CAE. CAE has trained more than 75,000 civil and military pilots. CAE has more than 29 centers around the globe. The Gondia flying school is one of the 11 members of the CAE-OAA Network. CAE-OAA network is the largest ab-initio flying training organization having a capacity to train upto 1800 cadets per year.

CAE NFTI Gondia - indigo cadet pilot program

CAE-OAA Gondia / National Flying Training Institute started operations at Birsi Airport as soon as they received DGCA approval on February 19, 2009. CAE-OAA Gondia is the largest flight school campus in India with a capacity of training 200 students per year. CAE-OAA Gondia has the state of the art campus with modern and well maintained fleet.


CAE-OAA Gondia has Diamond Aircraft in their fleet. Diamond DA40 and Diamond DA42 are the two aircraft that contribute to the fleet of CAE-OAA Gondia. NFTI has a total of 14 aircraft in its fleet (12 DA40s and 2 DA42s).

Diamond DA40:- It’s a single engine, propeller driven aircraft which is built with modern composite materials and featuring Garmin G1000 avionics. It can achieve a maximum horsepower of 180 with a cruise speed of 145 knots and range of more than 700 nautical miles

Diamond DA42:- You will experience you first multi-engine pilot experience in the DA42. DA42 has achieved awards from Flying Magazine Editors Choice Awards, Flight International Magazine, Robb Report, Aero-Network News, Popular Science and Aviation Consumer Network.

Facilities Provided By NFTI CAE-Oxford Aviation Academy Gondia

CAE-OAA Gondia provides you a first class training and living environment which helps you achieve your dream of becoming a successful pilot. Modern aircraft are included which will help you to excel in flight training.

CAE-OAA Gondia provides you various training facilities:-

  • Ground school equipped with Air Conditioned Campus
  • Flight and navigation trainers/simulators
  • Academy owned personal hanger at Brisi Airport

Apart from training facilities CAE-OAA Gondia also provides various living facilities:-

  • Separate apartments for young men and women
  • Maximum of four students per apartment
  • Well-furnished apartments with living room, dining room, kitchen, bedrooms, two bathrooms, refrigerator and TV
  • All Rooms Fully Air conditioned
  • Bunk Beds
  • Sitting Area with dining table and four chairs
  • Kitchen with Refrigerator and Aqua guard fitted
  • Study table and chairs
  • LCD Televisions

Other Facilities Provided by CAE-OAA Gondia are:-

  • Cafeteria :- All meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Hi-tea and Dinner) served
  • Wireless internet facility available in cafeteria and student apartments
  • Laundry service
  • 24X7 Electricity Backup using Generators
  • Premium sports and fitness block with different facilities like squash courts, billiards, weight rooms
  • Other World Class amenities

Training at NFTI – CAE-OAA Gondia

Ground School Training

In this phase of the program you will gain knowledge of taking off. The first four months of the program are dedicated to aviation theory with combination of Math and Physics. The subjects included in Ground school are:-

  • Meteorology
  • Air regulations
  • Radio transmission
  • Navigation training
  • General technical training
  • Aircraft-specific technical training (for DA 40 and DA 42 aircraft)

Basic Math and Physics will also be included in Ground School Training which will help you master the ground school:-

  • Basic trigonometry
  • Ratios and proportion
  • Basic algebra
  • Indices
  • Properties of a circle
  • Time/speed/distance calculations
  • Equations of motion
  • Newton’s laws
  • Equation of continuity
  • Bernoulli’s theorem

Flight School Training

This is the next phase of the program which will help you fulfilling your dreams. You will get familiarized with the Diamond Trainer Aircraft. A total of 200 hours of flight training will be given to you during your training period at Gondia. You will spend 185 hours on single-engine Diamond DA 40 aircraft and 15 hours in multi-engine DA 42 aircraft.

CPL (Commercial Pilot License)

CAE-OAA Gondia helps you in obtaining your Commercial Pilot License by joining a 19 months CPL Training program. Students will be trained using the best practices developed by the CAE Global Academy Gondia team.

Cost of the Program

One can do CPL (Commercial Pilot License) course form CAE Global Academy Gondia for Rs 40 lacs. The cost includes complete ab-intitio training program, text books, uniforms, course material, transportation between campus and Birsi airport all are included in this package.

Meals are not included in the package but for a limited time meals and accommodation are included in the program cost. Payment can be made with the help of installments, and much information about the same can obtained from your personal banks only. Two banks, Bank Of India and Corporation Bank offer competitive interest rates.

IndiGo Cadet Programme

CAE-OAA Gondia is the only flight school in India which has a tie up with IndiGo airlines to run their cadet programme.

Click to read more about Indigo Cadet Pilot Programme

55 thoughts on “CAE Oxford Aviation Academy Gondia (NFTI)| Reviews – Information – About”

  1. i read through the article and have few questions regarding cadet pilot program (indigo):

    1. is there a job guarantee in Indigo cadet pilot program?
    2. do we have to pay the complete amount in one go?
    3. is the selection for indigo cadet pilot program done by indigo or nfti?
    4. is there any other airline running cadet pilot program in india?
    5. is the quality of training good?
    6. igrua also has good placement record with air india, which is better igrua or nfti?

    1. Hi Jessica. We have following feedback on your questions:

      1. Indigo cadets are given LOI and they get stipened. There is no explicitly mentioned job guarantee but they have hired all there cadet till date.
      2. CPL Fee is divided into multiple installments but Type rating fee has to be paid in one go.
      3. Written and CASS is done CAE but final interviews are conducted by Indigo
      4. At present no other airline is running cadet pilot program
      6. In Indigo cadet pilot program you start your flying training journey with LOI in hand but in IGRUA you have to wait for Air India capus after finishing the course. Both the academies are good and have there own pros and cons

  2. Is NFTI still running Indigo Cadet Pilot Program? There were some rumours of their contract with Indigo till Mid 2016, is that true? Please advice in this matter. Is any other airline in India also running cadet pilot program? What about SpiceJet.

    1. Yes NFTI still runs Indigo Cadet Pilot program. Currently we do not have any official information regarding the contract of Indigo and NFTI so it would be in appropriate to comment anything on that.

      At present Indigo is only airline running cadet pilot program.

  3. What is the difficulty level of the first exam in mathematics, physics and English? Are there any sample questions or papers available?

    1. Hi Keshna,
      As heard from various reviews about Indigo Cadet Pilot Program examination written exam is of average difficulty level and 50-60% of people pass at first shot. We suggest you to make good efforts towards the exam as this is a call about your career.
      We will be putting sample questions in less than 48 hours. In mean time you can read more about program at Indigo Cadet Pilot Program-Information.
      Hope that information should help. All the best.

  4. Dear Admin,

    I am an aspiring pilot and I am eager to join the IndiGo Cadet Pilot Program. However, I have a few queries, that I hope you may clarify, as this is a matter regarding my future career.

    If possible, kindly verify the following:

    1) Are there any topics/subjects that you suggest future cadets to learn prior to beginning the course(For eg. several people have advised to me to learn R/T as it may prove extremely helpful at flight school).
    2) There have been rumours that NFTI has been unable to maintain its fleet with the large number of students. Is it true that cadets face difficulty in gaining their flight hours and some simulators have technical issues ?
    3) Is it true that there is very little flying during the monsoon? And if so how to cadets gain their vital flight hours,during this time?
    3) Is it true that some cadets were sent by CAE to Arizona to fast-track their flight training?
    4) What is the status of the first batch of cadets, who have completed the course and do you have any knowledge about their integration into IndiGo.

    I know this query seems slightly long, and I hope you can clarify my questions.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for writing as per timely reviews collected we will be able to answer some of the questions:

      1. Learning R/T is completely your choice because once you join the academy they will definitely teach you but knowing something before hand is always good. Ground school at NFTI covers all the subject to a good level.

      2. There were issues regarding fleet in past but at present things are better. All the cadets get required flying hours.

      3. Yes that’s true but they don’t do that any more. Program has been discontinued and was only for normal cadets not the Indigo Cadets.

      4. Sorry wont be able to comment anything on that

      Hope all that should answer your questions.

      Best Regards,

      Aviation Thrust Team

  5. What is status of 1st indigo cadet batch?? Are they flying for indigo now? has indigo fulfiilled their promise?

  6. They say that we atleast need 55% or above in Maths, Physics and English subjects in 10+2 exams. What if I get somewhere near 60%, will they accept me or is there a lot of competition going on.

    1. 55% is eligibility criteria. Next is their assessment which you need to clear.
      As long as you have 55% or more you can appear for their selection procedure and make your way through competition.

  7. Hi ,
    I read an article which stated that nfti has some connections with Qatar airways . It also stated that Qatar airways might start up their cadet program at nfti. Is this genuine ? Are there possibilities for this to happen ? What’s your say on this .

    1. NFTI had placed some cadets in Qatar airways in past but their number is very less as known from best sources. Talking to them and taking the stats should give you better idea.

    1. Hi Pranav,

      Package for first officer is around 30-35 lac p.a. Maximum salary depends on your career progression.

  8. Hi sir
    I just now passed my 12th but with commerce but I want to opt for pilot so is physics NIOS examination marks valid for entrance exam?

  9. Hi sir
    1) I have passed physics through NIOS examination so am I eligible to give the entrance exam?
    2) what is the salary for junior first officer

  10. Hi Sir,
    Is there CRI CRII course in CAE?
    Can I get CPL from DGCA approved in India and apply for ATPL in FAA approved college in US?

    1. aviation_admin

      Sorry they are not providing CRI CRII in India.
      You can definitely apply for ATPL in FAA approved college in US but you may need certain number of hours before applying for same.

          1. Ashok Thadani

            Do you require instructors for the ground school. Experience 26 yrs in the navigation branch of IAF and 3 yrs at HM Aerospace, Langkawi, Malasia

  11. Dharmesh Thakur

    Dear sir,
    I want to know the fees structure of CPL trend of 2009 and at present whether it increases every year or it will reduce with in 3 to 4 year.

    1. Hi Dharmesh,
      Sorry it will never reduce. You can expect annual rise of 1 lac approx in pilot training fee.
      Team Aviation Thrust

  12. what is the total free for clp? including all taxes, accomodation,transport food e.t.c

      1. Hi Vishal,

        Sorry for delay. It is 45 lac approx. (Type rating is separate)

        Aviation Thrust

  13. Hi admin! My only question is that how long is the total process of having the CPL at NTFI?

  14. hello sir, i am aspiring candidate who wanted to join cpl and my 1st preference is cae , and my 12th mpc mark is 86% and i am in dialama to join cae because of negative comments by the students in it at different websites ,that they r not been given flights to fly for days long and very few flights r in good condition but many students r striving for a chance and they also wrote that indigo is not requeting most of cae candidates and they r taking very few of them that to bellow5 per batch and others left out granted ;;; is that true and i wanted to take a guidence from u , weather to join cae for my cpl or not and please tell weather the selected candidates r been requited and appointed as first officer immediatly after the compleation of the training and please let me know weather every thing is legal or any malfunction is happening with students career ……….. SIR PLEASE REPLY MY QUEST , ILL BE WAITING FOR UR ANSWER …… THANK U

    1. aviation_admin

      Indigo is at present taking all of them. Indigo offers LOI after selection.

      Sorry for delayed reply.

  15. what is the selection precedure just after 12.
    from when does the new batch starts.
    does NFTI tied with any bank to give loan facility?

  16. Roshwyn Fernandes

    Hello Admin,

    I’m planning on applying for the Indigo Cadet Program
    1) Is there anywhere where we can get sample question papers or papers of the examinations conducted before ?
    2) Is there any courses recommended to be done before applying for the course?
    3) Is there anyway of knowing what has to be studied for the exam and what level of difficult will the exam be ?
    4) What is the general cut off % for the written exam ?

    1. aviation_admin

      1. Please visit : Sample Papers
      2. No course required
      3. Exam is of average difficulty level as the aim is to check the fundamentals
      4. There is no cut off %. You just need to pass the exam with 70% or 80% marks. Will try to give the exact figure soon.

  17. Hi Admin,

    I have some questions about Pilot training course
    1. I am now 33 years of age, can I join the course.
    2. I have completed the Diploma in Mechanical Engineering after 10th Standard, am I eligible for the course.
    3. Is there any financial assistance provided by the bank.

  18. My question is that we can take direct admission in NFTI through management quota or from any where else?????

    1. aviation_admin

      You can appear in their exam for regular batches. Kindly get in touch with academy for same.

  19. Sir,I wanted to know if they have any tie ups with any bank.if yes how much percentage of the fee can the bank pay.

    1. aviation_admin

      Currently they have no tie ups. Also we suggest not to go for any agents. Contact bank directly for it and you will surely get loan against mortgage.

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