SkyDeck – by Windspeed Technologies

Sometimes economy is not everything in commercial aviation and this is what we are quoting to – Sky Deck. An additional installation at top of airplane allowing passengers to have 360 degree view of SKY.

SkyDeck is designed by “Windspeed Technologies” and company have known to been working on this concept for over a year. What else? Windspeed Technologies has already filed for a patent application.

After great interiors of airplanes this is next big concept to enhance entertainment.

SkyDeck Features:

  • 360 degree view of sky
  • Seats can be rotated in any direction
  • Will facilitate pay-for-view option (this will reduce per passenger entertainment cost)

Increased fuel consumption is planned to be fulfilled by the revenue generated on board. Anti-condensation film would prevent the windows from fogging and a UV-protection coating would be able to withstand all load conditions.

So you need not wait much to have whole new experience in SKY!


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