EGPWS Airbus A320 Memory Item

Airbus A320 – EGPWS Memory Item

Hi Guys, following post includes the procedure which needs to be opted in case of EGPWS warning in Airbus A320 aircraft. This is only for academic reading. In case anyone has any issue with this post kindly write us at [email protected]

EGPWS Warning Alerts:

  • “Obstacle Ahead, Pull Up”
  • “PULL UP”
  • “Terrain Ahead, PULL UP”


  • announce “PULLUP TOGA”
  • AP . . . OFF
  • Pull to full back stick and maintain
  • Thrust levers . . . set to TOGA
  • Speed brakes . . . check retracted
  • Wings level or adjust according to situation

When the flight patch is safe and warning stops: decrease pitch attitude and accelerate

When speed is above VLS, and vertical speed is positive: clean up the aircraft, as required

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