Limitation Codes – TLC codes & OCTOPUS codes

Nature of takeoff weight limitation is always indicated in takeoff charts (RTOW charts). Following is the list of codes assigned to different limitations.

Limitations Codes
TLC codes A300/A310/A320 OCTOPUS codes A320/A330/A340
Codes Nature Codes Nature
1 Structural weight 1 1st segment
2 1st or 2nd segment 2 2nd segment
3 Runway – OEI 3 Runway OEI and AEO
4 Obstacle 4 Obstacle
5 Tire Speed 5 Tire Speed
6 Brake Energy 6 Brake Energy
7 Runway AEO 7 Structural Weight
8 Final takeoff 8 Final takeoff
9 Vmu
  • OEI – One Engine Inoperative
  • AEO – All Engine Operative


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