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Airbus A320 Pilots – Do you understand thrust levers well?

As an Airbus A320 pilot, it’s crucial to thoroughly understand the function of your thrust levers. They not only control engine thrust but also interact with your flight guidance mode. Additionally, Airbus thrust levers serve as mode selectors, highlighting the importance of comprehensive knowledge and proficiency in their operation.

What else thrust levers do?

  • Engaging of common modes when TOGA or FLEX is set
  • Sequencing of the FMS flight plan into the missed approach procedure when TOGA is set
  • Retracting of the speed brakes, if extended when setting TOGA
  • FD changes as a part of SRS engagement, which too is related to selection of thrust levers

Never forget the Airbus philosophy and its golden rules. Here it’s important to recall rule number 3 – Understand FMA at all times.

Golden rules serve as fundamental principles guiding safe and effective operation, ensuring adherence to best practices and procedures in all flight scenarios.

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