Can we start both the engines during pushback for A320?

It is common practice to start both engines of an Airbus A320 during pushback, provided that the ground handling equipment and procedures at the specific airport allow for it. Starting both engines during pushback helps to streamline the process and allows the aircraft to begin taxiing immediately after pushback is completed. However, as mentioned earlier, airport regulations, ground equipment capabilities, and safety considerations may vary from one location to another, so it’s essential to adhere to the specific procedures and guidelines outlined by the airport authority and the airline’s operational policies.

Different airports have varying procedures regarding engine start during pushback.

Power Constraints:

At certain airports, particularly where tugs may struggle to push an aircraft uphill or against other resistance, starting both engines during pushback might exceed the tug’s capabilities.

Safety Concerns:

In congested or restricted areas like small aprons with numerous obstacles or people, airports may require pushback beyond a certain point before engine start is permitted. This precaution minimizes risks such as blowing over equipment with idle engine thrust or endangering nearby personnel.

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