Do you understand ENG 1(2) SHUT DOWN ECAM well?

Status section of FCOM abnormal procedure for ENG 1(2) SHUTDOWN guides the crew to two conditions of “if REV unlocked”:

Case 1: 4 Doors not stowed (CFM engines) or reverser deployed (PW and IAE engines)
Case 2: 1,2,3 doors not stowed (CFM engines) or reverse detected unlocked (IAE/PW)

Both these conditions have considerable differences in approach configuration and approach speed. Case 1 request Flap 1 landing and approach speed as Vref+55, while Case 2 request Flap 3 landing and approach speed as Vref+10.

This can cause a confusion if we are reading procedure from FCOM directly.

It is important to understand here that ENG 1(2) REVERSE UNLOCED and ENG 1(2) SHUT DOWN procedures are sensed procedures triggered on ECAM. In these cases, ECAM status page displays only the relevant approach procedure. Flight Warning Computer (FWC) automatically sense the “Door Not Stowed” conditions. Flight crew need not check whether the doors are stowed or not.

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