Ice and Rain Protection System [Question Bank Airbus A320]

1. How is Airbus A320 aircraft protected against icing?

Hot air or electrical heating protects the critical areas of aircraft.

Hot Air Electrical Heating
  • three outboard leading-edge slats of each wing
  • engine air intakes
  • flight compartment windows
  • sensors, pilot probes and static ports
  • waste water drain mast

2. How is windshield protected against icing?

Windshield is protected only against rain. Wipers and fluid rain repellent are used to secure visibility in rain.

3. How is icing condition defined?

Icing conditions are said to exist when OAT on ground or TAT in flight is 10 degree or below and visible moisture is present. Visible moisture is considered when visibility is less than 1500m or rain, snow, sleet or ice crystals.

4. Will windshield heat operate if PROBE/WINDOW HEAT push button is selected on ground?

Yes, windshield heat operates at low power on ground.

5. What does FAULT light on WING ANTI ICE pb sw indicate?

This fault light is amber in color and appears if position of anti-icing control valve is not the required position or low pressure is detected. (it can also come on  briefly during valve transit)

6. If engine fault message is triggered on ground what probable action can be taken?

This may indicate valve issue first. Increase N2 of engine by 5% and when valve open, retard the thrust lever. In case fault still remain follow the standard procedures.

7. How is engine performance affected by engine anti-ice?

As engine anti-ice system use bleed air from engine, performance is reduced and engine RPM is increased.

8. What ECAM memo is available when engine anti ice is ON?

Following memo appear with engine anti ice on:
IGNITION (depending on MSN number)

9. What is default condition if electrical power to anti-icing system is lost?

In case of electrical power loss in anti-icing system, engine anti-ice is set on and wing anti-ice off by default.

10. If icing condition still exist after landing, when should engine anti ice system be selected OFF?

Engine anti-ice should be selected off after parking.

11. What happens in case of bleed leak detection with wing anti-ice on?

Affected wing side anti-ice automatically closes

12. Can APU be used for wing anti-ice?


13. Can wing anti-ice be used in case of one engine inoperative?


14. What happens if wing anti-ice push button is switched ON on ground?

Wing Anti-Ice test sequence is initiated and valve open only for 30 seconds

15. How to use probe heat system?

Probes are heated automatically when at least one engine in running or when aircraft is in flight.
NOTE: Drain masts are heated any time electrical system is powered.

16. What will happen if rain repellent push button is pressed on ground?

Rain repellent push button is inhibited on ground when engines are off.

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