If PERF PERMITS: X BLEED OPEN (What performance are we talking about here?)

Followed by engine failure sometimes you will see ECAM status page displays IF PERF PERMITS: X BLEED OPEN. Here you need to understand that ECAM is smart enough to evaluate true situation of different valves in engine.

Case 1: Engine failure without damage

Here ENG FIRE PB is in normal state and option to put X BLEED OPEN is given by ECAM. It permits both the packs to run from live engine.

Case 2: Engine failure with damage

Here ENG FIRE PB will be pressed and status page will not make suggestion to put X BLEED OPEN. It prevents the risk of hot bleed air entering a damaged engine and/or contamination of bleed air.

Now coming back to our initial question, what performance are we talking about here? For this, please refer layer 3 information in FCOM – ENG 1(2) SHUT DOWN procedure. Status page reads as: “If no obstacle constraint exists, open the XBLEED. To determine the singe engine gross ceiling, use the performance application of the EFB”. Information clearly points to cruise performance as in no situation gross ceiling will be equivalent to take off or missed approach execution altitude.

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