ILS (Precision) Approach Minima for different Categories of approaches

ILS – Instrument Landing System Approach Minima for different categories of approaches are as follows:

Categories Decision Height RVR/Visibility
Category I not lower than 60m (200 ft) not less than 550m (visibility) and 800m (RVR)
Category II lower than 60m (200 ft) but not lower than 30m (100 ft) RVR not less than 300m
Category III – A lower than 30m (100 ft) or no decision height RVR not less than 175m
Category III – B lower than 15m (50 ft) or no decision height RVR less than 175 m but not less than 50m
Category III – C no decision height limitations no RVR limitations

Mid zone and Roll-out zone RVR requirements for different category of approaches:

Touch-down zone RVR needs to be reported for Cat I operations, touch-down and mid zone RVR for Cat II operations, touch-down, mid and roll-out zone RVR for Cat III operations.

Touch-down zone is always the controlling however if any other RVR is reported and is relevant it also becomes controlling.

Type of operation RVR
Touch-down zone Mid zone Roll-out zone
CAT I 550 m 125 m 125 m
CAT II 300 m 125 m 125 m
CAT III A 175 m 125 m 125 m
CAT III B 75/50 m 75/50 m 75/50 m

Instrument Landing System - ILS Minimas

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