Limitation Codes – on RTOW Charts by OCTOPUS
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Limitation Codes – on RTOW Charts by OCTOPUS

Over the past decades, the global aviation industry has experienced a precarious balance between revenues and costs. Besides, the modern economy is living through an economic recession and so oil prices are now higher than they’ve ever been. Therefore, all over Globe, airlines need to adapt to the competitive world of commercial air travel. Optimization is currently one of the most important factors for success. Besides having flight safety, data availability and easy recalculation make airlines’ operations more safeguarded from external disruptions due to weather conditions. The quality of this data reflects on the airlines’ balance sheets at the end of the year as the result of possible savings in different areas. The present work focuses on the develop­ment of a computational application for the generation and optimization of takeoff and landing performance data.

The takeoff performance optimization involves maximizing the Regulatory Take Off Weight (RTOW) as well as the corresponding operational speeds (V1, VR, and V2). During the landing optimization, the Regulatory Landing Weight, final approach speed, and landing distance are calculated. The results need to be automatically published in the form of RTOW and RLW charts. The actual calculations are done by Airbus’ Operational and Certified Takeoff and Landing Performance Universal Software (OCTOPUS).

Limitations display of RTOW charts

Nature of takeoff weight limitation is always indicated in takeoff charts (RTOW charts). Following is the list of codes assigned to different limitations.

Limitations Codes
OCTOPUS codes A320/A330/A340
Codes Nature
1 1st segment
2 2nd segment
3 Runway OEI and AEO
4 Obstacle
5 Tire Speed
6 Brake Energy
7 Structural Weight
8 Final takeoff
9 Vmu
  • OEI – One Engine Inoperative
  • AEO – All Engine Operative

Limitations display on EFB program

In EFB Airbus is using Flysmart+ program for take-off and other performance calculations. Limitation codes are not application to this as same is displayed in textual format.

Performance limitation display in EFB

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