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Vs1g, Vs and Vsr Speeds Explained!

Vs1g and Vs are two speeds majorly abbreviated for stalling conditions.


-corresponds to maximum lift coefficient i.e. Clmax. Clmax is the condition when angle of attack is maximum and load factor is equal to one.


-corresponds to conventional stall condition. This is the time when lift suddenly collapses and load factor is less than one.

Vs is less than Vs1g

Vsr : It stands for reference stall speed selected by manufacturer for regulator purposes. Vsr can not be less than Vs1 so for all practical purposes Vsr is equal to Vs1g.

Key Notes:

  • Vsr = Vs1g
  • Vs is less than Vs1g
  • Vs = 0.94 Vs1g
  • V2min = 1.13 Vs1g


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